Forging Industry
In forging industry, the forged components feature high temperature and extremely heavy weight, and handling of them has to be done under high temperature for long time. Hence, special handling equipment is a must. Based on this, KUNDA offers a complete range of electric hoists and related products to meet various demands of forging enterprises.

Automobile Manufacturing Industry
KUNDA electric hoisting equipment and related products have played a significant role in automobile manufacturing industry. They can ensure high safety and reliability while providing comfortable operation. As a comprehensive material handling equipment manufacturer, we can offer the optimal hoist crane solutions based on customer's purposes.

Oil and Gas Industry
KUNDA hoisting equipment has become an ideal material handling solution in oil and gas industry, which can maximize normal operation time of your equipment and facilities. Due to such superiorities as low headroom, explosion resistance, no spark and corrosion resistance, our hoisting machinery can prominently withstand the harsh environment in oil ...

Aviation Industry
In today's aviation industry, safety must be ensured in every step from aircraft manufacturing to maintenance. Hence, the selection of hoisting equipment is strictly controlled. KUNDA hoisting machinery is mainly used in the manufacturing and maintenance workshops of the aircraft main wing parts, and has become the most ideal handling equipment there.

Power Industry
KUNDA has provided a complete range of trustworthy hoisting equipment solutions for power industry. From boiler tube welding to rotor lifting and maintaining, our hoisting machines will ensure you the most ideal and efficient lifting effect. In addition, all of KUNDA hoisting equipment can assure you of the minimum cost during operation.

Mining Industry
KUNDA provides a complete range of high quality lifting equipment for mining industry, including hoist crane, wire rope pulling hoist, monorail trolley, hand winch and mechanical jack. Thanks to such advantages as no spark, anti-explosion, corrosion resistance, long time lifting and low headroom, our hoisting equipment will ensure you simple and safe ...

Transportation Industry
In today's logistic transportation industry, mechanical equipment is frequently utilized to tie up and fix cargos, avoiding falling off and turning over during truck transportation. Among which, KUNDA manual lever hoist as well as bundling belt and lifting belt can offer you the most outstanding fixing effect.