1. C Series Hand WinchThe manual winch employs brake pad instead of pawl to construct braking system, thus ensuring more safety. Thermally treated steel gears are adopted, which feature great wear resistance and long lifespan.
    1. T Series Hand WinchThis type of mechanical winch boasts simple internal structure. Thereby maintenance can be easily done. Heat treated steel gears will bring this cable pulling equipment high working efficiency. Wire rope and belt can be selected as per customer’s demands.


KUNDA winches are lifting equipment that are applicable to various sites. The hand winch can be used to lift or pull vehicles which need to be rescued in harsh environments such as snowfield, marsh, desert, beach, muddy mountain road, etc. In addition, it can be used to clear obstacles, drag objects and install facilities. This wire rope winch has become an indispensable safety device in the fields of military police, oil, water conservancy, environmental protection, forestry, transportation, public security, border defense, fire protection and other field sports. Furthermore, the stainless steel winches are ideal for the places where anti-corrosion is highly required such as water treatment and ships. They can be mounted on the first-aid tripod and ship for various applications.