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C Series

Hand Winch

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The C series hand winch is frequently used in outdoors or the places where power supply is unavailable. Thanks to compact design, the hand operated winch is easy to install and operate.

1. Wide Application

This type of hand cable winch can be used in a variety of occasions or used with other equipment such as first-aid tripod, barge, yacht, tow truck, etc.

2. High Safety and Long Service Life
The manual winch employs brake pad instead of pawl to construct braking system, thus ensuring more safety. Thermally treated steel gears are adopted, which feature great wear resistance and long lifespan.

3. Various Options
According to customer's requirements, wire rope and belt are alternative. In addition, this series of hand winch includes stainless steel type which is suitable for corrosive sites, including sewage treatment station, ships, etc.

Technical Parameters

Gear Ratio Handle Length
Diameterof Drum
Wire Rope Length (mm) Colorful Belt Size
PCS/CTN Packing Size
KD-C12 1200 4.1/1 210 50 Φ5×10 1.8×70×8 4 29×28×15
KD-C18 1800 5/1 320 70 Φ7×10 2×70×8 4 43.5×27×35
KD-C26 2600 10/1 320 80 Φ8×10 2×70×8 2 48×29×36
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