1. KX Series Wire Rope Pulling HoistThe KX series wire rope pulling hoist features premium aluminum alloy housing that makes this manual hoist more light and more convenient for carrying and transporting.
    1. KS Series Wire Rope Pulling HoistThe KS series wire rope pulling hoist comes with one-step molded high quality steel housing that offers this manually operated wire rope hoist outstanding sturdiness and durability. The hand lever is covered by antiskid rubber sleeve which makes operation easier and safer.

Wire Rope Pulling Hoist

KUNDA wire rope pulling hoist is a small size and manually operated hoisting equipment designed for lifting, pulling and tensioning purposes. Both horizontal and vertical pulling and tensioning works can be completed using this hand operated pulling tool. The length of hand lever can be adjusted as per operation requirements. Through strict test, the wire rope of this industrial lever hoist boasts extremely high tensile strength and wear resistance as well as long life span.

According to different housings, namely aluminum alloy housing and steel housing, the steel cable pulling hoist can be classified into KX series and KS series.

Our wire rope pulling hoist is widely used for all kinds of pulling, lifting and tensioning works in a large variety of key industries as well as infrastructural projects such as power, steel, shipbuilding, petrochemical, mine, railway, building, metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, plastic machinery, road construction, heavy-cargo transportation, pipeline, tunnel construction, airport construction, bridge construction, etc.