1. GCT-1 Plain Trolley

      The GCT-1 plain trolley features small turning radius, hence ensuring stable operation. This I-beam monorail trolley is ideal for the lifting works where long ...

    1. GCL-1 Geared TrolleyThe GCL-1 geared trolley is applicable to the hoisting works in which long distance moving of heavy stuff is needed. This manual I-beam trolley is fitted with ultra strong alloy gears that feature better wear resistance, thus greatly improving service life.
    1. GCT-2 Plain TrolleyThe GCT-2 plain trolley is provided with forged and thermally treated gears which come with outstanding wear resistance and high strength. Thanks to the typically equipped anti-collision blocks, safety factor of this hoisting machinery is considerably improved.
    1. GCL-2 Geared TrolleyThis manually geared trolley is fitted with a chain guiding device which will prevent the chain from unexpectedly falling off, thus enhancing operation safety. Furthermore, if required, an optional crossbeam used to adjust width is available.

Monorail Trolley

The GT series monorail trolley that we offer can be used with manual chain hoist and manual lever hoist for lifting and moving heavy objects. It can travel along the lower edge of I-beam and can be adjusted to suit the I-beam with various specifications. Since the wheels are provided with enclosed and lubricated bearings, this I-beam monorail trolley can travel smoothly and stably. Additionally, anti-impact blocks can be selected to avoid impact during operation.

Features of Monorail Trolley
1. Forged and thermally treated trolley wheels present not only sturdiness and durability but also stability.
2. Enclosed bearings enable the wheel to run more smoothly.
3. The manually operated monorail trolley comes with excellent turning performance. The minimum turning radius is one meter.
4. This hoisting equipment can be used with manual chain hoist and manual lever hoist as well as electric chain hoist for various applications.