1. HSH-VT Series Manual Lever Hoist

      Precisely forged direction select switch with steel guide wheel will enable the chain to run more smoothly, consequently improving operating efficiency ...

    1. HSH-E Series Manual Lever Hoist

      They are mainly exported to European and Southeast Asia regions. This series of lever chain hoist employs accurately stamped chain guide housing which

    1. HSH-C Series Manual Lever HoistThe HSH-C series manual lever hoist features simple internal structure, thereby it is easy for maintaining. In addition, the integrally molded chain wheel allows this hand operated lever hoist to be more robust and durable.

Manual Lever Hoist

TKK manual lever hoist is suitable for tensioning, lashing, pulling and lifting applications in power, shipbuilding, transportation, construction, mining and other industries. 360 degree rotating handle enables our manual lever chain hoist to be perfect for all angles of operation, operation in narrow space in particular. All key components including the drop forged hook, load wheel, chain, wall panel, etc. have been thermally treated and refined, thus meeting various performance requirements. Above all, our hand lever hoist is particularly fitted for all kinds of pulling, lifting and tensioning works in outdoor field where power source is unavailable.

1. This ratchet lever hoist is provided with thermally treated alloy drop forged hook. The hook is equipped with a safe bolt that will ensure more safety.
2. Symmetric double pawl brake provides more reliable braking effect.
3. Our manual lever hoist adopts G80 high strength alloy chain which enjoys long service life.
4. Needle bearing is designed at the sides of chain wheel so that load capacity is considerably improved.
5. The hand lever hoisting equipment is designed with a 360 degree rotating handle. The handle comes with eco-friendly rubber sleeve, hence ensuring convenient and comfortable operation.
6. TKK manual lever hoist series can be optionally equipped with the hook that is dedicated in shipbuilding. In addition, high intensity hook accessories are available.