1. HSZ-CB Series Manual Chain Hoist

      The HSZ-CB series manual chain hoist is characterized by simple structure, high durability and efficiency, as well as smooth operation. Optional overload ...

    1. HSZ-KⅡ Series Manual Chain HoistThe HSZ-KII series manual chain hoist is designed fully following the European Machinery Directive EN13157. Overload protection device is optional.
    1. HSZ-VT Series Manual Chain Hoist

      The HSZ-VT series manual chain hoist is now a hot sale in the market of Southeast Asia and Middle East due to high cost performance and other superiorities.

    1. HSZ-HY Series Manual Chain Hoist

      Uniquely designed housing which fits perfectly for the chain wheel can effectively protect the chain from being stuck. Now, this type of hand drive lifting machinery ...

    1. HSZ-CA Series Manual Chain HoistThe unique feature of the HSZ-CA series manual chain hoist is that the wall panel is made of alloy material which comes with higher strength. The main market of this mini type manual chain hoist is India and Southeast Asia.

Manual Chain Hoist

The manual chain hoist made by KUNDA is a kind of small size lifting equipment that is light and portable. With a wide range of lifting capacity, ranging from 150kg to 50 tons, this hand chain hoist can meet various lifting requirements in wide applications.

The manual chain lifting equipment can be used for all kinds of lifting work in various industries such as shipbuilding, transportation, manufacturing, etc. In the family of our manual chain hoist, the heavy duty type can be used to lift large scale components with low cost and easy installation as well as suitability for lifting application in the place where the electricity can not be connected.

1. Safety factor of the alloy lifting hook that has experienced forging and heat treatment is 1/4, ensuring that the hook will not break while overloading.
2. The manually operated chain hoist is provided with high strength nodular cast iron load wheel that can better protect the chain from being worn. One-step machined load wheel with higher safety factor can be optional.
3. Both sides of the load wheel are outfitted with integrally sealed bearings. So, trial run is more smooth and steady.
4. Double-pawl brake greatly improves braking safety factor.
5. The manual chain hoist is equipped with compact and beautiful housing at both sides, giving better protection to gears and brake.
6. Super strong alloy lifting chain is employed. G80 and G100 chain is alternative based on your demands.
7. The manual hoist can be equipped with overload protection device.