1. CD1/MD1 Series Electric Wire Rope HoistAll products of this series electric hoisting equipment employ integrated modular design, thus ensuring easy installation and maintenance. In addition, they can satisfy the customers who require faster lifting speed and more precise hoisting location.

Electric Wire Rope Hoist

The electric wire rope hoist manufactured by KUNDA epitomizes intelligent design for easy load handling, impressive performance and exceptional safety levels. This electric steel cable hoist, composed of electric motor, reduction gearbox, rope roll and wire rope, can be installed on single girder and double girder cranes as well as cantilever and gantry cranes for all manners of lifting work.

The electric wire rope hoist crane is mainly used for lifting, loading and unloading cargos and large scale components in construction and installation company, civil and construction engineering projects, as well as various infrastructural projects, including bridge construction, road works, metallurgy, side slope tunnel construction, well maintenance and electricity generating, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, mining, etc.

Due to modular design with most standard components, KUNDA electric wire rope hoist comes with low maintenance cost and safe operation, and can considerably improve working efficiency.