1. Double Girder Electric Wire Rope HoistAny hoisting task in the weight range of 5-20t can be efficiently finished using this type of electric hoisting machinery. In addition, it is suitable for all rails and plant buildings.
    1. Electric Wire Rope Hoist with Auxiliary MotorThe main motor and auxiliary motor are reasonably arranged so that the operation can be more stable. Owing to low headroom, this type of electric hoist can make full use of the space in the workshop.
    1. Double Motor Electric Wire Rope HoistLarge diameter rope roll is utilized so that the service life of wire rope can be greatly prolonged and working safety can be enormously improved. This industrial electric hoisting machinery features ultra low headroom design, thereby meeting ...
    1. Electric Wire Rope Hoist for Curved PathThis industrial electric hoist is perfect for lifting work in quiet operating environment. Specifically, the electric wire rope hoist for curved path is widely used for various lifting works in logistics, storage, workshop assembly, material transportation, etc.
    1. Low Headroom Electric Wire Rope HoistBoth traveling trolley motor and lifting motor feature variable frequency which can ensure more accurate lifting location and more stable operation. In addition, the lifting hook is customizable.
    1. Electric Wire Rope Hoist with Easy Maintenance GearboxThe electric motor is typically designed outside the rope roll, hence ensuring easy maintenance. This type of electric power hoist is equipped with a reducer that is specially constructed with all gears enclosed and the gearbox lubricated throughout its lifetime.
HZ Series

Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Our HZ series electric wire rope hoist can realize a wide range of lifting applications. The rated lifting capacity ranges from 3 tons to 20 tons. It can meet not only customer's expectation for solidity and durability, but also the demands for small and medium size electric hoist. This series electric power hoisting tool and its coming on the scene greatly enrich our product line of electric hoist.

1. Modular design makes it easy for this type of electrically powered hoist to be installed, inspected and maintained.
2. Thanks to electric motor and brake, the wire rope lifting equipment can be easily operated.
3. The electric motor comes with high on-load factor and switching frequency, so improving working efficiency.
4. HZ series electric wire rope hoist utilizes precision reduction gearbox with all gears oil immersed in the wholly sealed gearbox case.
5. The cast iron rope guide features reliable enclosed design, thus protecting the rope guide from being impact by dust.
6. The motor is designed outside the rope roll so that it can be conveniently maintained.
7. This small and medium size electric hoist enjoys low maintenance and non-asbestos brake that is free from adjustment.
8. Optimized diameter ratio of the rope roll and pulley will reduce the wear of wire rope.