1. 500 Kg-5 Ton Electric Chain HoistThis type of electric hoist crane can accurately meet your various demands for load capacity. The unique braking device allows the light duty chain hoist to be stopped instantly when the power is shut off, thus ensuring safer operation.
    1. 7.5 Ton Electric Chain HoistThe 7.5 ton electric chain hoist is a small size air hoist with high durability. Due to air pressure used to lift objects, the working noise can be remarkably reduced. The lifting capacity of this type of pneumatic chain hoist is 7.5 tons.
    1. 10 Ton Electric Chain HoistThe 10 ton electric chain hoist is suitable for lifting the objects of 10 tons or less. According to actual demands, this power driven chain hoist can be used with electric trolley or eye hook.
    1. 15 Ton Electric Chain HoistDue to symmetrical structure design, the 15 ton electric chain hoist enables the heavy objects to be stably lifted and moved with little swing, thus improving operating safety and comfort.
    1. 20-25 Ton Electric Chain HoistThe pulley hook of this heavy duty electric chain hoist is equipped with bearing and chain guide device that will contribute to more smooth lifting, thus ensuring higher efficiency.
    1. Low Headroom Electric Chain HoistIn addition, the critical distance between the hook and the two sides of the wall is shorter, thus enabling this electric power chain hoist to be effectively operated in limited space.
SSDHL Series

Electric Chain Hoist

The SSDHL series electric chain hoist is widely used in factory, power plant, shipyard and other industries for various manners of lifting work. Through strict inspection and test, every piece of component and product is qualified and can meet customer's requirements. Believe us! This series electric lifting equipment can considerably improve equipment performance and productivity as well as safety for you.

This electric power chain hoist series can be classified into 500 Kg-5 ton electric chain hoist, 7.5 ton electric chain hoist, 10 ton electric chain hoist, 15 ton electric chain hoist, 20-25 ton electric chain hoist and low headroom electric chain hoist.

1. The SSDHL series electric chain hoist comes with light aluminum alloy housing that embodies excellent heat dissipation and protection grade of IP54.
2. Phase sequence protection device is employed to avoid the accidents caused by power supply wiring error.
3. The voltage is available in 220V, 380V and 440V, which can meet various voltage requirements of different countries.
4. Limit switch driven by mechanical gears features great reliability and sensitivity.
5. Low voltage control circuit and control switch are utilized to prevent the risk of high voltage leakage.
6. This type of electric hoisting equipment can be equipped with wireless remote control device. The remote control distance ranges from 50m to 100m.
7. Chain pocket is light but sturdy and durable. It is also oil and water proof. Steel chain pocket is optional.
8. This electric chain hoist series adopts FEC 80 alloy lifting chain.
9. The metal alloy lifting hook that has been heat treated is equipped with a security tongue piece.
10. This power driven chain hoist is designed for applications with eye suspension or powered, push, or hand geared trolley.