1. ER2M Electric Chain Hoist with Motorized TrolleyThe ER2M electric chain hoist with motorized trolley is designed to move the heavy objects horizontally while lifting them. According to your demands, this electric chain hoist crane is available in single ...
ER Series

Electric Chain Hoist

The ER series electric chain hoist provides an ideal lifting solution for light loads. It is a high quality and high performance chain electric hoist offering safety, durability and precision lifting at amazingly attractive prices. Based on state of the art hoisting technology, it is designed with double speed and frequency converter. A variety of models for small tonnage loads are available.

1. Double speed with built-in frequency conversion control system can reduce swing when loading and realize more stable operation.
2. This series of electric power hoist is provided with friction clutch and limit switch which will assure the equipment of stable and safe running.
3. The button controller features ergonomic design, thus strengthening the durability of lifting chain and ensuring convenient maintenance.
4. ER series electric chain hoist is designed by taking maintainability into account. So, the working efficiency of spot inspection person can be improved.
5. The electrically powered chain hoist employs the Japanese FEC lifting chain that is solid and wear resistant.
6. The motor is uniquely equipped with a cooling fan. Optimally designed cooling fin and fan housing makes the hoist timely cooled, thus suitable for high frequency operation.
7. This type of electric chain hoist comes with one-step molding cast aluminum shell that shows great dust and water resistance.