1. PA-B Series Mini Electric Hoist

      The PA-B series mini electric hoist is specially designed with upper stop block that can effectively prevent reverse rotation of motor and impact with the objects.

    1. PA-M Series Mini Electric Hoist

      We take safety and durability into the first consideration. To ensure definite safety, we adopt emergency stop switch and double reset switch as its standard switch configuration.

    1. PA-L Series Mini Electric HoistThe PA-L series mini electric hoist is mainly used in the countries where the voltage is 110V such as America countries, Japan, etc. The rated voltage of this mini hoist crane is 110V.
    1. PA-C Series Mini Electric HoistEach of the PA-C series mini electric hoist is equipped with an electric trolley which enables it to travel on the joist steel, hence ensuring flexible operation and high working efficiency.
    1. PA-F Series Mini Electric HoistWe have developed a series of efficient mini electric hoists. Among which, the PA-F series mini electric hoist is designed with a large power motor that can considerably improve working efficiency.
    1. Electric Trolley for HoistThanks to small turning radius, it can travel smoothly and stably when turning.
      The I-beam trolley for hoist is suitable for traveling on the joist steel with width of 80-100mm. Premium steel spur gear will ensure stable traveling.

Mini Electric Hoist

The PA series mini electric hoist has found wide application in various sites, including building, storage, workshop, wharf, mine, etc. due to simple structure, light weight, easy installation and low price. Equipped with a stand, this electric hoisting equipment can be mounted on scaffold for lifting objects. Through dedicated connector, it can also be connected to a square or circular tube for hoisting work.

This mini electric power hoist is provided with the latest winding motor that starts sensitively and keeps slow growth on temperature. In addition, low voltage control circuit is adopted to effectively avoid accident caused by electric leakage of function circuit. The whole equipment has passed a series of critical tests, including current test, insulation test, tensile test, etc. ensuring meeting delivery quality requirements. Now, this type mini electric hoist has been certificated by GS and CE, and has been exported to a variety of countries and regions such as America, Germany, Argentina, Columbia, India, Rumania, Thailand, Russia, to name a few.

Product Features
1. 80% components of this mini lifting equipment is self developed by KUNDA, thereby better controlling product quality and cost.
2. The motor adopts premium copper wire that boasts excellent electrical conductivity and insulativity.
3. The power line and control handle wire is coated by high quality rubber sheath, thus ensuring high and low temperature resistance, ageing resistance and environment friendliness.
4. The high precision reduction gearbox designed with angular gear can considerably reduce noise.
5. The mini electric hoist is equipped with high strength engineering plastics components that are oil and corrosion resistant.
6. This electric lifting appliance adopts superior steel wire rope that features great flexibility and tightness, and boasts outstanding tensile strength of more than 1770N/mm2.
7. Every electric hoist crane has experienced whole machine test, hence keeping quality conformity.
8. We are proud of our great production capacity of more than 1000 pieces per day. So, timely delivery can be guaranteed.
9. The PA series mini electric hoist comes with greatly performed magnetic brake that has passed 72 hours continuous full load test, making sure that lifted objects can not fall.
10. Working grade is S3-25%-10min.
11. Emergency stop switch, hoist stand and wireless remote control device are optional.