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Electric Trolley for Hoist

1. The hoist electric trolley can be used with our PA series mini electric hoist, electric chain hoist and manual chain hoist.
2. Thanks to small turning radius, it can travel smoothly and stably when turning.
3. The I-beam trolley for hoist is suitable for traveling on the joist steel with width of 80-100mm.
4. Premium steel spur gear will ensure stable traveling.
5. The hoist trolley comes with efficient ball bearing that is unnecessary to be lubricated for lifelong time.

Technical Parameters of Electric Trolley for Hoist
Model KD0.5 KD1
Rated Capacity (t) 0.5 1
Tested Load (t) 0.6 1.2
Standard Height (m) 3 3
Traveling Speed (m/min) 16.4 16.4
Engine Model D25034 D26325
Input Power (w) 60 300
Power Speed (rpm) 1400 1400
Minimum Turning Radius (cm) 120 100
Dimension (mm) A 320 340
B 203 203
C 314 314
D 253 253
F 2 2
N.W (Kg) 8 19
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