Mini Electric Hoist, Electric Chain Hoist , Electric Wire Rope Hoist, Manual Chain Hoist

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KUNDA is a leading manufacturer of lifting equipment in China, specializing in R&D, production and sales of small and medium size lifting equipment. So far, our products mainly includes mini electric hoist, electric chain hoist, electric wire rope hoist, manual chain hoist, manual lever hoist, monorail trolley, wire rope pulling hoist, hand winch, mechanical jack, etc. As the member of workshop crane, these products are widely used in all kinds of lifting, transporting, loading and unloading works. In addition, KUNDA, a professional producer of hoisting equipment with over 20 years of production experience, can offer complete logistics handling solutions and custom-made products as per customer’s requirements as well. OEM service is also available.

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    1. PA-B Series Mini Electric Hoist

      The PA-B series mini electric hoist is specially designed with upper stop block that can effectively prevent reverse rotation of motor and impact with the objects.

    1. PA-M Series Mini Electric Hoist

      We take safety and durability into the first consideration. To ensure definite safety, we adopt emergency stop switch and double reset switch as its standard switch configuration.

    1. ER2 Electric Chain Hoist with Hook Suspension

      This hook suspension chain hoist can be easily fixed on a firmed hook or a beam for vertically lifting objects. In addition, it can also be used with a manual monorail ...

    1. HSZ-CB Series Manual Chain Hoist

      The HSZ-CB series manual chain hoist is characterized by simple structure, high durability and efficiency, as well as smooth operation. Optional overload ...

    1. HSZ-VT Series Manual Chain Hoist

      The HSZ-VT series manual chain hoist is now a hot sale in the market of Southeast Asia and Middle East due to high cost performance and other superiorities.

    1. HSZ-HY Series Manual Chain Hoist

      Uniquely designed housing which fits perfectly for the chain wheel can effectively protect the chain from being stuck. Now, this type of hand drive lifting machinery ...

    1. HSH-VT Series Manual Lever Hoist

      Precisely forged direction select switch with steel guide wheel will enable the chain to run more smoothly, consequently improving operating efficiency ...

    1. HSH-E Series Manual Lever Hoist

      They are mainly exported to European and Southeast Asia regions. This series of lever chain hoist employs accurately stamped chain guide housing which

    1. GCT-1 Plain Trolley

      The GCT-1 plain trolley features small turning radius, hence ensuring stable operation. This I-beam monorail trolley is ideal for the lifting works where long ...